Disrespect, Lowly, Insults?

Here I will address the points in your email about me thinking lowly of you, your family and friends. Again —  This is nothing more than your attempt to justify your actions.

Please show who and when I have ever disrespected your friends or family?

If I thought that way, I would not have done the following (with proof):

  • Took your cousin with me to work on the house and hired him to pack my belongings to send  to me because for some reason, you were too spiteful.
  • I hired your mom to do some translation work for me (that was never finished).
  • My love for the kids — Making them things AND giving them the furniture I left behind. Knowing that they have asked about me and mentioned missing me since I left.
  • I also tried to hire your friend K to also do some translation work.
  • Spent my time and money to arrange a healing space after the Liang trail.
  • I would have called you out a long time ago when I saw certain patterns and behaviors.
  • Stayed over to clean for several events that were not mine nor my people at the house and elsewhere.
  • Introduced and praised you with my people.
  • Attempted to add you to the deed on the house.
  • I left emotionally distraught the night of Thanksgiving with your family and told you that they reminded me too much of the family I was missing.
  • After getting your email, I sent you some proof of just how much I praised you to friends and family.


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