Your Collective

H.P., F.L., K.A., K.J., T.P., R.C.

*I can’t help but wonder what you all think about this r kelly mess. That he’s innocent? That what I’ve been trying to tell you all about Asere and his manipulation is different? That these women are adults and free to choose?*

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Subject: Stockholm Syndrome Re: Collective Letter

From: Email Courtney <EmailMe…>
Date: July 11, 2017 at 1:56:32 PM EDT
Subject: Stockholm Syndrome Re: Collective Letter

Yes. I, Courtney; the proud daughter of two loving and stable parents Brenda and Robert; and the proud descent of healthy and respectable people who taught me how to build sustainable legacy from a place of integrity.

I, Courtney who has been doing “the work” for years now, not because I experienced trauma and decided to “get involved.”

I, who bought a home … to continue the legacy of those before me — as builders, creators and trailblazers — not followers.

I, Courtney, who is the child of strong and proud ancestral lineage, especially self-reliant women of true “power”.

I, Courtney who decided to use a digital platform, just as you all use your bullhorns, Facebook pages, digital popularity, and the streets to take a stance and educate.

I, Courtney, always have and will continue to stand by any claims I make, just as you all stand behind yours (of injustices done at the hands of policing/political systems and “oppressors” as well as one-sided verdicts handed down by corrupt judges and brainwashed jurors).

Don’t make the mistake assuming you know anything about me based on what you’ve dug through in my personal belongings or found online.

Asere’s name is not worth “smearing.” He alone is not worth my time, however, he is just one spoke in the wheel of “oppression.” As he wrote, “Hold me accountable for my anger, machismo and communication” but not as a sexual predator — well, wake up…all three things being tools of an abuser. He is the spoke we read of when reading about misogyny, sexism, etc. in movements that were built on the backs and labor of Black women and fell at the hands of hypocrites with no integrity — those who sold their own out for safety or a dollar. [Safety looks like housing, acceptance, “love” and financial support…]

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Subject: Collective Letter

You can read my response to their email here and here.

On Jul 10, 2017, at 10:34 AM, Kana A…<healthis…> wrote:

July 9, 2017
Courtney …
Courtney & Associates,
This email letter is sent by women who are committed to community and have been looking into your claims.  This letter is drafted with respect, attention and care.  All comments herein solely reflect the concerns and wishes of its authors.
Courtney …, child of Brenda and Robert …, you and Asere Bello are no longer in relationship (on ANY level) therefore, Asere Bello holds no obligation to partake in any process(es) with you and does not seek any process with you.
Your postings of personal conversations, the logistics of this healing/ accountability process, and showing a general distrust of the process has further made us question what type of resolution you’re looking for when you continuously twist information and spread untruths.
Your continued attempts to smear Asere and the women within his circle are disgusting and disgraceful.   The malicious actions, behaviors and methodology you utilized to incite a platform for outrage and disdain is volatile to say the very least.  In the last three months, you authored and disseminated degrading emails, lies and misleading posts via a website you created to slander Asere Bello.  This deception you carried to Asere Bello’s employer and business associates. Investigations were done and your claims were proven false.
The individuals you’ve identified have provided written accounts and testimony reporting that your interpretations and statements are absolutely false.  Asere Bello is and has been a supportive and positive force in their lives.
Collectively, we’ve been acquainted with and worked alongside Asere Bello for more than twenty years.  Our experiences include personal, professional, spiritual, as well as in community.  Accountability systems have and will always remain in place for the work he does.
We collectively agree that;
    1.  All persons involved in the process be respected and valued for our time and efforts in the matter that has deeply impacted all of our lives.
2. Cease all methods of contact with Asere Bello.
3. Only maintain contact with the designated person assigned via email.
4. That you immediately cease and desist website and all accounts created.
5. Give the website up to designated person and all accounts created.
6. Once the above is done, the designated person, and only that person will reach out to you for final closure.
In collective agreement,