“Leadership isn’t just about taking action when it’s convenient or easy.”

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“Let’s connect the dots between this and Fragility. It’s a way to maintain power, avoid accountability and get protected from messages and consequences all at the same time.” “So when behavior gets called out …or called in, as some people prefer — either way it doesn’t matter — that’s when all hell breaks loose.”

Always Divine Timing: Black Women and Stockholm Syndrome

— On July 11, this was my response to Asere Bello’s collective of protectors with the subject “Subject: Stockholm Syndrome Re: Collective Letter”

— On July 17, I posted this image to FB about more allegations against R. Kelly that had just come out.

— Then on August 29, a sis posted the below about Black women and Stockholm.

None of it is random. There’s an epidemic – but you all are to mesmerized by his lies that you can’t even see it.