Asere – The more you try to spiritually attack me for speaking out, the more it’s going to reflect back to you and those around you (as you and they have already witnessed and are experiencing — though illnesses, financial issues, death, emotional challenges, etc).

They were already struggling so they owe this increase all to you. If you truly care for them, back off!

*I didn’t step into this eyes wide closed. What do you think I’ve been up to the last few months?


“What happens when a dead woman shows up at your door?”


Buyer Be Aware

“I’m hearing more and more stories of “Baba’s” sliding into personal message of women online.” You can read my full take on it here.

What good is this “spiritual guidance” that you all say he offers when you all stay struggling?

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Example: Spiritual Manipulation

For those who know the purpose going to a cemetery means as it relates to Oya (although not traditionally/always associated with cemeteries), will understand why Asere Bello telling me that I needed to stay away was problematic.

He (Asere / Awo Ifatade) only ever wanted to dominate, maintain control and instill fear.