(July 4, 2017) 4:44 – Case Closed On The REAL Kristian Asere Bello

July 4, 2017 @ 20:22:45

For the purpose of educating other women, I’ll be repurposing the content that was public on this site, here and here. [For the in depth scoop, look out for the step-by-step guide: How to catch liars and hypocrites using IP addresses and simple site visit counters.]

Artwork by-FemiolART

Asere never came to the table like he and Kana said he would AND he still has my personal belongings. But all is well because for every hour he keeps my things, that’s a year he’ll pay. (Yeah, I said it…just like y’all in those streets shouting for justice.)

To all the “Sista’s” out there listening to Bey and Jay as you do “movement work” talking about how much you love and support Black women; those who continue to believe and support his lies, manipulation and abuse of power; to all of you who turned a blind eye and stood by Asere AND had the audacity to call me bitter and jealous (of what/whom, I’m not sure):

“We gotta stay away from each other’s stuff — Sister’s man, her husband, boyfriend, baby daddy, lover, and her maintenance man too, is off damn limits to your female parts. Stop being trifling.We can all pretty much agree on that, but let’s consider something truly revolutionary:

Sis, we gotta stop celebrating when the man who ruined us ruins another woman. via Crystal A. deGregory, PhD Sis, We Gotta Stop Letting Black Men Ruin Us: An open letter to black women who’ve listened to Jay-Z’s 4:44 and are waiting on an apology from the men who did you wrong.

And to the men:

Y’all know where to find me.

~ Courtney (and Our Ancestral Mothers, Oya, Kali, Maman Brigitte, and many many more…)