Coming to the Table

  • Updates (April)
  • Update 3/24/17: Other than trying to take over the site, he’s ghost.
  • Update 3/17/17: He responded but did not outright agree to meeting but responded with “Provide tentative dates in April and May?” and he still has not disclosed which “house” he belongs to.
  • Update: In his email, Asere stated that he was ready to have a community circle. When I suggested this back in December (2016) he refused. And as of today (3/16/17) he has not responded to my acceptance of his offer.

A few facts:

  • One of the rules of Crystal House was that people were to “come to the table” to resolve differences. More often than not, the was the case unless there was an issue with Asere. He refused to be addressed and held accountable. Another issue is that those who were in the home we in such need of a place to live, that would not dare address him. So he knows that no one in the house (specifically the young women) would speak up.
  • I recommended him to be trained as a facilitator, which he was — so he is very aware of how crucial it is for us as Black people to try and resolve issues.
  • It’s interesting how he and his crew are champs at calling others out, but block and ignore when they are challenged.
  • You all want to police the police, but who will police you?
  • He has highly criticized the people he is fighting Crystal House for — because they would not “Come to the Table.” Several years later, they are still in court fighting over the house. He holds others to a standard he refuses to be held to. *And yes, I’ve evidence of this.
  • He teaches Restorative Justice, but does not live it. Practice what you preach.
  • If he had any true intent on Coming to the Table to resolve this, why did he attempt to take over this site?

Are we REALLY our Sister’s Keeper?

If you’re interested in being a part of a discussion about ways we can handle these kind of situations and/or healing, contact me.