Ethics, Integrity and the “Ethical Slut”

Asere — After getting your email, I can only say “Wow!”

I don’t know how many times I’ve read it. So many things come time mind? I’ve been asking myself “Why?” Why would you say that I thought lowly of you, that I was jealous/insecure and you couldn’t be in an exclusive relationship with me. Then I realized that you’re trying to make yourself feel better about the things you did.

I realized that you are trying your best to justify your actions.

I realized that you were never who you said you were.

Your email reads like a confession – ESPECIALLY the part about “That’s why being an ethical slut and spreading consent is so dam sexy. These are ways to be proactive and preventative.”

Much more is coming to the surface that I would have never known about if I did not press to bring light to the initial issue of you and the young women in the house.

So I sent you another email with the attached images.

From: Email Courtney
Date: March 15, 2017 at 3:26:19 PM EDT
To: Asere Bello , “…”
Cc: Courtney …
Subject: You want more documentation?

Why are you doing this? I loved, respected and admired you.

Why are you saying that I thought “lowly” of you, your friends and family? As you can see, I constantly praised you — and there’s many more.

Why are you saying that I was the one jealous when we’ve had discussions about your jealousy — even very early on in the relationship?

Why are you saying we were not exclusive?!

What did I ever do to you to know be sitting here to get tested for a sexually transmitted disease?!

*Note: "Lover/Partner" is what we decided to use for each other because at 42 yrs old age, we didn't want to use BF/GF. It does not mean that it was a non-monogamous committed relationship.