Kristian Asere Bello (also known as awo_ifatade)

This post publish date: Oct 5, 2017 @ 15:35
Original video was shared in early March 2017

It’s time to clarify a few things:

No need to hide or sneak around. For those who want to come looking for me here you go

He’s been lying to most of you the whole time (especially the group of women “H.P., F.L., K.A., K.J., T.P., R.C.”) and a few more who say he give you spiritual guidance.  But instead of you stepping into your own power and sovereignty, you’ve let him play his little “spiritual” manipulation games with you. There’s a reason he keeps you all around.

Your first mistake was thinking you knew me. So I’ve sat and watched it all unfold — because it wasn’t time then and there were some things you all didn’t need to know.

You’ve had a chance now to learn a few lessons, as you weren’t trying to listen when I tried to tell you that this is bigger than your little corner of the woods and mistakenly thinking I was bitter.

…but all in Divine Timing.