Love Bombing


Quote from his email — Click to read.

Asere Bello would like to have everyone believe that I just stepped off the bus “wet behind the ears.” What he won’t share is how I’ve been doing the same work as he, for almost 10 years.

He also won’t share how he almost obsessively called and text me daily. I didn’t think much about it, but my mother was concerned.

Later in our relationship, he would “punish” me for things I would say that would anger him by giving me the “silent treatment,” which would often last for days. If you don’t know what the silent treatment is, it’s more than just you and your partner not speaking for a couple of days. It’s psychological manipulation meant to control and avoid conflict. He would say what he had to say and then disappear.

I’ve since learned that it’s called “Love Bombing” and why it should be a red flag for all getting involved in relationships.


The manipulator will do this by becoming emotionally distant, withholding affection, blaming their partner for the downfall of the relationship, using silent treatment, moods or even temper tantrums to cause emotional torment. All of the initial flushes of romance dissipate and the victim is left craving the intensity of what they once knew. It is also quite likely that the love bomber will disappear for days or even months at a time to deliver a timely and crushing blow. Via