And just like Kristian Asere Bello (who LOVES to TALK about protecting Black women)…

…except they have admitted to doing wrong:

People like to think that just because someone has a tons of followers or “does the work” in the same are they are being accused of misconduct, that the accuser is lying or out to get them. Wake the fuck up people! It’s a cover!

***CW Sexual misconduct****************************************Edited To Add: Jan 29, 5:31pm Pacific: MODERATION…

Posted by Reid Mihalko on Monday, January 22, 2018



“Leadership isn’t just about taking action when it’s convenient or easy.”

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“Let’s connect the dots between this and Fragility. It’s a way to maintain power, avoid accountability and get protected from messages and consequences all at the same time.” “So when behavior gets called out …or called in, as some people prefer — either way it doesn’t matter — that’s when all hell breaks loose.”

“What happens when a dead woman shows up at your door?”


“If you don’t know anything about a person’s lineage, be careful before fixing your mouth to tell them they’re doing something wrong or know less than you.”