New Developments:

  • On the evening of 11/11/17, I received an order of protection filed by Kristian “Asere” Bello.
  • You can read more about the order of protection here.
  • After receiving the order of protection that did not fully detail the truth (that I had received emails from Asere and Kana back in April) I decided to really come out and tell my story and I refuse to be silenced.
  • Even prior to the order of protection, I’ve not had time to update the site but will do so as time permits. However, I will continue to try to keep everyone updated on:

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#AsereBello #awo_ifatade


  • Asere brought a young woman home from his program at his job at Brooklyn Justice Corp and tried to move her into the house. (This was right after he told me a good friend of mine ((an older woman who was financially independent)) could not move in because he was not renting out the room.
  • Shortly after, he asked me about another young woman, whom I thought was a friend. He asked if she still needed a place to live. Long story short, she moved and things go weird — And that’s why we are here.
  • Instead of being taken seriously about what I saw was going on, I was called jealous and bitter.


When I finally figured out who and what Asere was and what he was doing, I contacted him (this is before anyone but he and I knew about the site).

And instead of “coming to the table” this so called “reputable” man told me that no one would believe me and tried to hack the website. (Yes. I have proof.)