I Name Names – F’ Your Reputation – What about REALLY protecting vulnerable Black Women?

This article focuses on white women, however this has been my experience with Asere and his minions. So just replace the names in this article with anyone in his circle – AND I MEAN ANYONE!

“During that meeting, I was informed that Kelly was nervous about being so close to me and to how I am willing name people and things when hugging our way to freedom inevitably fails. Why? Because she needed to “protect her reputation” so she could get a book deal, or keep her fragile, White clients happy.” via The Faceless: On Whiteness & Emotional Assassination https://medium.com/@alxpmorgan/the-faceless-on-whiteness-emotional-assassination-2a9dbf1f7a51

None of them are interested in healing unless in includes blaming a white person or for media/social media publicity.

They don’t want to talk about how I gathered Black psychologists to hold a healing space for those after the Akai Gurley trail and only one person showed up – yet they were quickly back in the streets yelling about their trauma.

So yeah — As long as they keep exploiting our pain and protecting Asere without questioning his deeds in Crystal House, why he REALLY holds on to the house (he doesn’t even own) and his manipulation of those who depend on him for housing, finances and acknowledgement, names will fall.

Toxic Polyamory Culture and Relationship Anarchy

Ladies — Maintain Your Power. Recognize the Red Flags. Obtain and Maintain Emotional and Financial Independence. Avoid dependency and emotional manipulation at all cost.

“One [also] needs to be created around the misuse/abuse of the “ethical slut” concept and toxicity it can create.” ~Courtney via Facebook


This is pretty much the reason for this site — some of what I’ve been trying to say.

Poly is the new black.

Ethical Slut is the new, whatever… Continue reading Toxic Polyamory Culture and Relationship Anarchy

Codependent vs Interdependent -The imbalance of power

Quote: “The key word is interdependent, not codependent.” ~Asere Bello

So let’s talk about this.

What most did not/do not know about is the amount of cash Asere Bello hands out — mainly to women, which I’ve mentioned in an email sent to his tight circle of women (which I didn’t post, but I will) and I also point out here.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why they’ll continue to defend him and will not hold him accountable. When one surrounds [however they identify] self with people who rely on them for basic necessities (money, food, housing), it creates a codependency situation and codependency relationships. This is why his interdependent argument makes no sense.

Shall I go into the stories how they wouldn’t keep their word and show up/return when it was time to clean, etc.?

…but let there be media or press involved…

Recognize the signs.