When I finally figured out who and what Asere was and what he was doing, I contacted him (this is before anyone but he and I knew about the site).

And instead of “coming to the table” this so called “reputable” man told me that no one would believe me and tried to hack the website. (Yes. I have proof.)

“If you don’t know anything about a person’s lineage, be careful before fixing your mouth to tell them they’re doing something wrong or know less than you.”

Buyer Be Aware

“I’m hearing more and more stories of “Baba’s” sliding into personal message of women online.” You can read my full take on it here.

What good is this “spiritual guidance” that you all say he offers when you all stay struggling?

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Out of the “Broom” Closet

So now that I’ve decided to come out of what’s considered the “Bruja Broom Closet” you (all of Asere’s sheep) should probably keep an eye on an upcoming post about me being contacted by someone deceased who was killed by police officers.

Until then,