When I finally figured out who and what Asere was and what he was doing, I contacted him (this is before anyone but he and I knew about the site).

And instead of “coming to the table” this so called “reputable” man told me that no one would believe me and tried to hack the website. (Yes. I have proof.)

What REALLY goes on in these “social justice” circles

Hitting my lowest point and thinking I was crazy and that I might have just been imagining things, I started reaching out to many Sisters I knew who were still deep in organizing. Turns out, all had experienced similar and/or had stories of many other (mainly) women who had experienced what I’d gone through.

But what does one do with all of this? How do you address when you’ve never been one out there in the public eye with the bullhorn? Who do you turn to for advice, support or resolution? Even I, who has close connections with Black Psychologists had nowhere to turn for “help.”

The answers eventually came to me and I’ll share more on that later, but for now, I wanted to share this because it is a very serious matter that f*cks up our ability to really “be free” and liberated.

Folks roll into crews, and roll right back out after getting a taste of the dysfunction. And rarely if ever are sustainable movements or foundations built.

Until we get real about our own stuff in our own communities, start holding folks accountable and stop cosigning to folks BS, this will continue.” Continue reading at —  (Part 1) Anguish, Organizing, Activism: Great Rise? at


Because of the emotional strain of thinking about this became too much (and I still rage), I password protected the majority of the pages and posts on this site and sort of walked away for a bit.

However, it still ate away at me, knowing there are many other women in the world experiencing the same things I went through. So:

  • as more and more women hit the streets and become “engaged” in social justice/activism work;
  • with the most recent news of R. Kelly and another woman coming forward;
  • Joss Whedon’s wife telling her story; and
  • the fantastic article written by City Paper about Baltimore artists and abuse,

I’m back.

As time permits, I’ll unlock more of the content, as I’ve seen an increase in organic searches.

As Rep. Maxine Waters Said during last night’s Black Girls Rock, “If You Come For Me, I’m Coming For You.”