Because of the emotional strain of thinking about this became too much (and I still rage), I password protected the majority of the pages and posts on this site and sort of walked away for a bit.

However, it still ate away at me, knowing there are many other women in the world experiencing the same things I went through. So:

  • as more and more women hit the streets and become “engaged” in social justice/activism work;
  • with the most recent news of R. Kelly and another woman coming forward;
  • Joss Whedon’s wife telling her story; and
  • the fantastic article written by City Paper about Baltimore artists and abuse,

I’m back.

As time permits, I’ll unlock more of the content, as I’ve seen an increase in organic searches.

As Rep. Maxine Waters Said during last night’s Black Girls Rock, “If You Come For Me, I’m Coming For You.”

Toxic Polyamory Culture and Relationship Anarchy

Ladies — Maintain Your Power. Recognize the Red Flags. Obtain and Maintain Emotional and Financial Independence. Avoid dependency and emotional manipulation at all cost.

“One [also] needs to be created around the misuse/abuse of the “ethical slut” concept and toxicity it can create.” ~Courtney via Facebook


This is pretty much the reason for this site — some of what I’ve been trying to say.

Poly is the new black.

Ethical Slut is the new, whatever… Continue reading Toxic Polyamory Culture and Relationship Anarchy

Hurt People, Help People: Communication, Anger and Machismo

Issues with communication, anger and machismo ARE part of the problem. These are not ideal character traits of a mentor/community/spiritual leader who holds other accountable for lacking the same and is paid to teach others theses skills.

Hypocrisy. Integrity?

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