Misogyny and Movements – Invisible Women

I’m not saying anything new!

Misogyny, patriarchy, machismo, chauvinism, sexism…in activism and movement work is nothing new and bigger than Brooklyn activist/organizer Asere Bello.

Take a look — and do some research of your own.

“Voices of Color – Invisible Women – Sexism in the Black Panther Party

The energizing and fundamental role women play in revolutionary organizations came home to me afresh as I read recent memoirs by Elaine Brown and David Hilliard, both former leaders in the Black Panther Party.

The two authors show us the reasons for the party’s spectacular rise – and also its agonizing fall. Their books reveal, directly or indirectly, how sexism helped destroy the Panthers.” Via http://socialism.com/drupal-6.8/?q=node/2291

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“The Misogyny in the Movements”

“…yet if a woman legitimately asks if Black men care about them, she is labeled bitter and hateful. This too is misogyny and it must be rooted out, eradicated, and guarded against returning.”

“…A non-response to an authority figure like Elaine Brown says to me that Nelson either didn’t think her criticism was valid, or that it didn’t deserve a response. This is misogyny too.” Via https://medium.com/athena-talks/the-misogyny-in-the-movements-b65cb3d24b13#.nz450o0ga


“Invisibility of Black Women In “Pro Black” Movements”

We offer no safe spaces for black women in pro black circles. When black women bring these topics up, if they are not bombarded with “race first” dismissals, then they are met with gaslighting remarks to trigger perceived abuse. Over the past two years the only time I have seen the subject of abuse against black women be brought up, it was to shame black women for being “bitter” about said abuse. Re-victimizing black women in these groups have become a sport. Not only do black men in these groups participate in this, but black women as well. If the topic is not centered on black male victimization, then it betrays the “race first” mantra. While the black women’s pain is desensitized, her unconditional support and loyalty is expected. Not realizing this very treatment is abusive within itself. Where can black women have a safe space? Black women who have become serious about their healing have chosen to create these spaces for themselves. These sisters have decided to place their preservation first. Ultimately her preservation is equivalent to future black liberation, and shes grown tired of waiting for the black male collective to come to this realization. I’m tired. Via https://liberatedblackwoman.com/tag/misogyny/

“He phucked with the wrong one.”

“…he made a MAJOR mistake when he messed with my very POWERFUL friend, Sophia Angeli Nelson, whom he thought that he thought was just some “regular” unprotected black woman who couldn’t do a damn thing about all the black woman bashing online. Nope. He phucked with the wrong one.” Via http://www.beyondblackwhite.com/celebrity-author-sophia-nelson-takes-bullies-bash-black-women-tube/