Asere Bello — Re: My belongings….

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Asere/Kana — I don’t know how many time I have to ask the same question but I’ve still not gotten a response about my mail or remaining personal belongings.

Asere what are some days (late next week) can someone be escorted to the house to get my stuff?

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Asere Bello – Email Subject: Good Morning Ladies

From: E…tney <Em…@…>
Date: March 22, 2017 at 9:48:46 AM EDT
To: d…, k…, cd…, e…, h…
Cc: a…, a…, …>
Subject: Following Up

Good Morning Ladies,

I have openly copied all of you on this email for full transparency because:
— You like many others received the email I sent out about being tested.
— You work with him and/or are in his “inner” circle of women.
— Unlike others, you’ve not reached out and have remained silent.

I need for you to understand the magnitude of this situation and I’m not sure if your silence is because you do not believe me or because you’re more interested in protecting you self-interest (at the detriment and safety of other women — you even bring around him).

This isn’t a laughing matter nor one to be ignored. If you don’t believe me, I’m more than willing to connect you with professionals who will share with you how what he does is considered abuse. Hell, it’s as if you’ve never been lied to or deceived yourselves!

Now please don’t tell me that you don’t want to be part of any of this because you became part of this when you starting working with him, ignored other complaints about him, met me, became aware of this situation, and still remained silent.

ASIDE: He’s been trying to take over the domain and hack the site. I do want to caution any of you who are assisting him in doing his dirty work.

The only one who is not copied on this email is his son’s mother who did respond to his email and told him to “humble” himself and “fix it.” She also expressed her concerns for him losing his job because of this and believes this is defamation. I’m not sure if he’s shared this with you, but if not, now you know.

A little about me:
— With the exception of one of you, we’ve all met face-to-face. It was always interesting because the first thing I’d hear was a statement similar to, “Oh you’re so pretty. No wonder he’s with you.”
— What you didn’t know and Asere failed to express is that I’m not “just a pretty face” but I’ve worked as a strategist in some capacity for over the last 10 years.
— I’m a 42 yrs old woman who has extensive technical skills and a media list — along with a few other skills he has used to benefit him and assist you all.
— I’m not just some woman who just walked into his life who who is wet behind the ears.

I say all of this so that you can understand how serious we are about this.

Asere has a long past before most of you met him and I’m not sure why you seem to be believing his side of stories without investigating further.

Perhaps you should ask him about and disprove the following:
— The woman who accused him of domestic violence.
— Why the crew he used to run with abandoned him (especially those who were involved in the creation of Crystal House). There is much more than his side of the story.

To be clear, my issue with Asere is because of the leadership role he plays and him being a spiritual leader. As I have told him before — He can do whatever he wants, including owning the “ethical slut” title he loves. But at the point he steps into a role as a trusted community leader with power and persuasion, he can’t behave like he did when he was in his 20’s.

In addition, the means by which he meets women, brings young women into the house, maintains control, etc is very manipulative and often times secretive.
*K…e, how many times have you gone to Asere for money?*

Do the things he does for any one of you outweigh your interest in resolving this?

In closing:
— I’ve asked Asere several times to come to the table so that this can be addressed privately. In his email to me he claims that he is open to a community meeting but he’s made not attempt to move forward.
— I have items at the house and he has refused to correspond with me so that I can arrange for them to be sent to me.
— I will continue to do what needs to be done to resolve this issue.

I am regretfully sorry that it has come to this, but your silence is proof that Black women really are the most unprotected being on this earth — that most often than not, we’ll cap for a Black man and keep his secrets before protecting our own.

And if any of you are offended by the harshness of my words or accusations, you shouldn’t be. As “activists” you should be able to handle it. You’ve no problem in calling others out. As I informed his son’s mother, this is not a personal issue with her, with you, and not even with him — It’s just once you realize how prevalent a problem is in your community, you only have two choices.

Are we really our sisters keepers?


“Unethical Leadership may also happen when leaders fail to take the time to consider the impact of their choices on the many stakeholders involved. Decisions with unintended consequences can be just as harmful as intentionally unethical decisions.” ~Linda Fisher Thornton